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Lustre at Jewellery and Gem World 2022!

Previously held in Hong Kong, the Jewellery and Gem World is the largest B2B gem and jewellery exhibition, where buyers from all around the world gather to indulge in product scouring, networking and gaining knowledge about their fields. This year, the exhibition is in Singapore from the 27th to the 30th of September.

The exhibition is a celebration of different gemstones sourced from different parts of the world. These include diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls in all qualities, colours, shapes and sizes. There is also an abundance of jewellery being exhibited. The entire event is ideal for professional buyers who are looking to search for the next best thing in the industry.

As a brand, Lustre has always strived to bring international demand for its products, through exporting. Through our efforts and determination, we bring in revenue to the Sri Lankan economy as well as contribute towards attaining global recognition for our country. As such, it is with a lot of pride that we state that Lustre was able to represent Sri Lanka at this global gem fest in Singapore, at the Sri Lankan pavilion where our collections depicted the services we render as a brand.

The unique aspect of Lustre is that we drive inspiration from our surroundings and the little beautiful things that can be translated into the art of cutting gems. As a result, all our collections are distinct and trendy, pioneering the modern gem cutting industry in Sri Lanka. This vision was given light at the Jewellery and Gem World where buyers from around the globe are able to witness the marvelous collections Lustre had on display, in the quest of displaying a pinnacle of our gem cutting services.

It is also a great opportunity to learn more about market trends and the international gem market in order to adopt certain practices and methods when refining the industry back in Sri Lanka. "The experience has been an amazing one, it opens our doors to those who are in search of something different," says Vindya Perera, CEO of Brilliant Cuts.

As an organisation, run mainly by youthful lapidary enthusiasts, Lustre is always on the lookout to seek new windows of growth and attract recognition to Sri Lankan custom cut gems. We hope to represent more of our country and our skillful work globally, in such exhibitions so that there is profound appreciation for the artfully crafted gems, and a scope for buyers to purchase these unique collections.

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