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Why Are Custom Cut Gems So Special? Hear From the Masters

When it comes to gem stones, there is a pattern which is repeated over time. When you are young, jeweled pieces are considered old fashioned and the contemporary styles are preferred. But the older one gets, the more they start to admire and value the importance gem stones have not only on one’s style but as an investment for their future. At Lustre Design Corporation, the art of gemology is cultivated along with promoting the growth of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka.

In gem cutting, there are two options to be considered. Machine cut and custom cut. Custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka dates back thousands of years and it is an art which has been passed down through generations. With the wide selection of stones available in the island, there is a higher demand for gem cutting. However, with the commercialization of any industry, there will always be a cheaper option done by a machine.

Lustre Design Cooperation provides a platform for young novices and up and coming artists in the field of lapidary to develop their skills while gaining a wide reach with their designs. It gives a space for those who might not get such an exposure otherwise. Custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka, like any art is personal between the commissioner of the work and artist. For a person to hand over something valuable as a rough stone and asking the artist to create a master piece requires a certain give and take, as well as trust. To leave all this to a machine would be taking away the personal touch of custom gem cutting.

A person who purchases a rough stone always has an end goal in mind for the stone. Either be for themselves or as a gift, there is an idea connected to the stone. For it to come out, he must be able to give a clear direction on what he wants. This is why custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka will take a lead in the race against man vs. machine. An idea can be told to artist and he will take the stone and turn it into the work of art that was envisioned. He will put in his sweat blood and tears to deliver what the owner of the stone saw in his mind. He will combine his creativity and skill to bring an idea to life.

At Lustre Design Cooperation, the masters and novices of the trade will help you create a beauty from something found in the dirt. After all George Elliot’s words ring true, “gems stones have life in them; their colours speak, say what words fail to do”. A stone will not always look pretty, you must have the skill of someone who knows to read the stone and bring out its best shine. While this can be done with a machine, there is an element of the art which will be lost in translation, causing the end product just fall a little short.

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