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Welcome to Lustre Design Corporation; Sri Lanka’s finest custom gem cutting lapidary for precious and semi-precious gemstone cuts. We strive to bring the absolute brilliance of light to every gemstone we touch. Considering the industry-leading expertise and proven track record of gem projects around the world, we take pride in offering a unique and timeless finish to your precious stones. Our cutters are experts in the field of lapidary arts. Having an eye for design and gemstones, we have mastered the best of both worlds. We combine our creativity with your unique need to breathe life and character into every project we work on. With us you will rediscover Sri Lanka’s unique position as a leader in the gem industry.




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About Us

Lustre Design Corporation is introduced as the first platform in Sri Lanka to showcase the work of young and rising lapidarists with their uniquely thought out gem faceting techniques that reflect in the beautifully designed custom-cut precious and semi-precious stones. We, at Lustre, are gifted with the ability of bringing out the gist in any given gem by using exquisite techniques of custom gem cutting here in Sri Lanka.


Our Founder

Lustre Design Corporation is the initiative of Vindya Perera, a certified designer in Sri Lanka. Her passion for the world of gemology arose at a very tender age and has since proved to be undying. Her passionate and ambitious nature has assisted her in effectively bringing her initiative to where it is presently; one that boasts to the world of the sheer talent in Sri Lankan gem artistry.

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Awards in Brief

Lustre Design Corporation is indeed recognized as part of the cream of the industry in the country at the moment. The Awards for Best Lapidary Art 2019; Gold medal in the category of Woman Entrepreneur, Non-traditional Business Award 2020; Bronze medal in the small category of the Gem and Jewellery sector at the NCE Export Award Ceremony 2020; Provincial Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2019; CNCI Excellence National Bronze Award and CNCI Excellence Provincial Silver Award 2020; Bronze Award in the Gem and Jewellery Category at the 27th Annual NCE Export Award Ceremony 2019 have proved that Lustre is among the best of the best in this ever lustrous industry. Lustre Design Corporation gives custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka a novel sparkle. 

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Our Promise 

At Lustre, we always shall strive to give gemstones a new artistic flair by gifting each one of them with the raw talent that the novel Sri Lankan lapidarist is endowed with. We treat each gem as the first that we get to custom cut; which means that we always shall promise to achieve perfection with each new cut gem overtaking the former in resplendence and precision.

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