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Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Brilliant Cuts winning with excellence at Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Excellence is achieved through a strong determination to achieve it, and an undying passion driving towards the goal of excellence is the key to success in life. Having reached the goal of excellence at a young age, Vindya Perera has been able to lay the stepping stones of success in her life at the age of 26  as the Managing Director of Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd. Her devotion for uplifting the Sri Lankan lapidary industry has carved Perera’s path towards achieving an immense recognition within the industry, and as a result Perera was awarded the Provincial Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award from Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and the Bronze Award from National Chamber of Exports (small category) at the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award ceremony held on 9 December organized by Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with National Enterprise Development Authority.


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Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd was founded with the combined passion of Perera and her mother Mrs. Malani Polgampola, Director at Brilliant Cuts, towards the gem cutting and polishing industry. The company employees many talented individuals who are skilled within the lapidary industry, trained to bring in innovative creativity to the art of gem cutting and polishing. Through Brilliant Cuts, Perera has introduced her own brand Lustre, through which she aims to give an array of opportunities for novices and experts in the gem cutting and polishing industry to gain recognition for their work and to learn innovative designing techniques of gem cutting. She also strives to gift the wide population of gem and jewellery designers the guidance on how to go against the norms in gem cutting and designing.

The company has been successful in introducing a wide range of unique and exclusive designer collections in gem cutting, an initiative by Perera which is backed by a team of accomplished

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designers in the lapidary industry. Her vision is to create distinctive designs in gems which will engulf the gem enthusiasts’ admiration in a heartbeat for their splendid artistic flair.


Through introducing Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd as a young entrepreneur, Perera has been able to open up new avenues for many young artists who wish to pursue a career in the lapidary industry. The company carries the mission of guiding young, novice lapidary artists to go beyond the boundaries with their talent, enabling them to uplift the Sri Lankan gem cutting and polishing industry with unconventional yet spectacular creations. This initiative has been beneficial in paving the way for young lapidary artists to contribute to the Sri Lankan economy tremendously.

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