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Double-win for Lustre at the South Asia Business Excellence Awards

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Lustre is a brand that constantly strives for excellence, with gem cuts and styles that are an amalgamation of contemporary luxury and traditional charm. This precious craft transcended into a commercial venture that was designed to not just imbibe the love for custom cut gems within consumers, but also invite fresh talent to join the field and explore their skill.


As a result of this unwavering determination to do and provide the best, Lustre has attained immense success as a brand, and has received many accolades throughout their journey. Another addition to a pathway of milestones is the Export Management Sector Excellence Award (Natural Resources) and Best Woman Leadership Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award that Lustre received at the South Asia Business Excellence Awards (SABEA) 2021, which were held at the Monarch Imperial.


The SABEA is an awarding function tailored to honour and give prominence to organisations that have performed exceptionally within a corporate framework, in the South Asian region. This includes organisations in both the public and private sector, as well as profit and non-profit organisations. The aim of the South Asia Business Excellence Awards is to highlight the rebellion that businesses have displayed, fighting through adverse situations and pivotal changes within the economy. The idea is to bring to the limelight, practices that propel success.


As such, Lustre, founded by Ms. Vindya Perera who was awarded for her brilliant leadership, rose to fame at the awards ceremony. This is because of Ms. Perera's drive to deliver and change the facets of the gem cutting industry in Sri Lanka. As a trailblazer and go-getter herself, the award she received was a culmination of her efforts in bringing a brand like Lustre to life. Also receiving the excellence award in the export sector, Lustre has promised to not just introduce a new era of brilliance in Sri Lanka, but globally as well.

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