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Founder of the Lustre

Vindya Perera is a gemologist with an explicit taste in gems. Living in an Island dubbed as the “Island of Gems,” she was raised amongst people of rich culture and big hearts. She was exposed to the magic of Sri Lankan gems very early in her life. Finding immensely talented people from all walks of life have shaped her to be what she is today. Every experience has made her sharp and well acquainted in the world of gems, with every facet telling a story about a woman who has found her calling and passion in precious stones.

Understanding the process of turning a piece of rock into a precious stone, Vindya has an immense respect for people in her trade for their talent. She has come to value the art of custom gem cutting through its laborious process and long hours of intense focus. Although Sri Lanka is known for its gems the world over, the value of people behind every gemstone are often underrated and neglected. Vindya, as a certified gemologist, aims to give where credit is due by treating every employee at Lustre with the utmost respect and recognition they deserve. She has helped them to rise beyond their capabilities and live a fulfilling life.

At Lustre we want to tell the World a Story. A story that has evolved lives.


Meet the team

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