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Lustre Design Corporation (Pvt) Limited is committed to provide complete solutions to all stakeholders consistently, for the scope of "color stones, and gems designing, cutting, grinding, polishing and all related lapidary operations" by optimizing potentials through synergic approach on quality, competency, dedication, professionalism, and maximizing the use of "state-of-the-art" technologies for the solutions, while complying to all interested parties' quality, statutory regulatory, and other all requirements. 

We are continuously improving the quality management system of ours.

We are committed to,

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Positively and progressively adapting to the changes of the business

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Ensure the adequacy of adroit aspects for all operations

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Establish productive communication channels

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Set targets on quality improvements

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Aim on quality oriented solutions

Vindya Perera

Managing Director

Lustre Design Corporation Pvt (Ltd)

25th Thursday, Februrary 2021

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