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Lustre on winning the Best Lapidary Art 2019 award at Jewels 2019 Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition & Competition

Having established a successful business venture in the field of lapidary arts in Sri Lanka, with a burning passion towards creating exquisite works of art with precious gemstones, Vindya Perera the Founder of Lustre has paved the path towards positive development in the Sri Lankan gem industry with her brand at the age of 25. Today, her work has been recognized and praised by prominent gemmologists and gem enthusiasts alike, bringing a promising future for the Sri Lankan gem industry. It is this success which has enabled Lustre to win the Best Lapidary Art 2019 award for the creation “Compass Rose” of their latest designer gem collection “Aphrodite’s Garden”, presented to Vindya Perera at the Jewels 2019 Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition & Competition hosted by Gemmologists’ Association of Sri Lanka, held in December 2019 at BMICH, Colombo.

The winning design – “Lotus”

The award winning “Lotus” design is a masterpiece of Lustre created for their designer gem collection Aphrodite’s Garden, a range of exquisitely crafted designer gemstones which derives its inspiration from the lotus flower. The winning design of the collection depicts the unique workmanship of the Sri Lankan lapidary artisan in which the distinctive faceting technique incorporated within the gem is a depiction of both intricacy in designing and a taste for innovation in gem artisanship.

The Garden, the collection

The winning design “Lotus” is a featured design in Lustre’s new designer collection “The Garden”, a range which encompasses the striking beauty and characteristics of a lotus where each design speaks of the grandeur and mystic of the flower which is much revered throughout the Sri Lankan history. The range consists of eight distinctive yet enticingly glamorous designer gems which embraces the allure of the lotus flower in a most enchanting manner.

“The idea behind creating and conceptualising the Garden designer gem collection is to demonstrate how the lotus flower is an icon which is hereditary to the Sri Lankan culture. Much of the Sri Lankan cultural artwork incorporates the lotus amongst their detailing, as this exotic flower is symbolic of purity and beauty. The lotus grows among the mud and rises as it blooms by washing off the dirt, which I believe signifies the story that Lustre tries to tell the world; of how our brand has evolved through hardships and challenges to take the Sri Lankan gem culture to the world with its immaculate beauty and the relentless work we have put in to producing such beauty”, describes Vindya.

The Aphrodite’s Garden designer gem collection holds a treat for every gem enthusiast’s preference, as each gem flaunts eight contrasting yet extraordinary designs which grab the eye of the ardent gem enthusiast at the first glance. Each designer gem of Lustre’s new collection is meticulously crafted to reflect light in a most delightful way, demonstrating and emphasizing the distinctive characteristics of each stone.

The story of Lustre

Lustre was introduced by Vindya Perera as a platform to showcase the vast potential and inherited talent of the individuals who are engaged in the Sri Lankan gem industry, where her sole mission is to create a variety of opportunities for Sri Lankans who strive to build their career in the lapidary industry in Sri Lanka. The immense effort which Vindya has put in to developing her brand in order to uplift the Sri Lankan gem industry has made Lustre reach optimum success within a span of merely a year.

The brand was launched to the Sri Lankan gem industry as the first ever brand for cutting and polishing precious gemstones procured from the Sri Lankan soil. The Lustre family specialises in introducing unique designs in precious gemstones faceting techniques to allow the colours of the stone to be flaunted at its best with reflection of light, elevating the stone’s value  higher.

Vindya has derived her inspiration to launch her brand Lustre with the cultural experience she has gathered over the years since childhood. Growing up within the rich culture of Sri Lanka, Vindya was privileged to have had exposure to a variety of vibrant ethnicities with flamboyant artistic flair which instilled a knack for creativity and art in her. Her lifelong ambition to pursue a career in art has carved her path towards exploring the world of gems, where today she has conquered the Sri Lankan gem industry by reaching many milestones by achieving much recognition in the industry. The recent award of the Best Lapidary Art 2019 won by Lustre at Jewels 2019 Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition & Competition marked a significant milestone in which the intricate work of the local lapidarist showcased by the winning design Compass Rose by Lustre received high commendation by the most acclaimed gemmologists within the industry.

Vindya on winning the Best Lapidary Art 2019 award

“Since the time during my childhood it was my dream to win an award at this prestigious event organized by the Gemmologists’ Association of Sri Lanka, the most notable organization in the Sri Lankan gem industry. It is truly an honour and a dream come true for myself and the Lustre family to finally be able to achieve this goal. I believe that any dream carries a possibility of being a reality if you set the goal to achieve the said dream, without backing down when faced with any obstacle. In the industry that we are involved in it is easy to be met with challenges which may diminish your passion in a heartbeat; however such challenges need to be overcome in order for you to reach your set goals successfully. Winning awards for the hard work that we have put in to developing the Sri Lankan gem industry is a constant reminder for us to do more substantial work for the industry as we move forward” states Vindya.

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