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Sri Lanka’s fine heritage of gem and jewellery comes back in to the limelight with a modern facet with Lustre, the brainchild of the ambitious and passionate Vindya Perera who has made the concept behind the brand a reality with the contribution of a team of talented individuals.

The brand was introduced as Sri Lanka’s first ever platform to showcase innovative and unique gem faceting techniques that are conceptualized and developed by up and coming lapidary artists in Sri Lanka. The uniquely faceted gems we produce at Lustre encompass the resplendent beauty of natural gemstones of Sri Lanka, while adding value to them with extraordinary designs and faceting techniques. Our research and development team at Lustre operate determinedly in order to continually develop distinctive gem designs which are authentic to the brand.

A certified gemologist at the NGJA Sri Lanka, Vindya had stepped in to the world of gem and jewellery at a young age. She has since worked relentlessly to empower the industry by showcasing the raw talent possessed by the novice lapidary artists who have joined hands with our family at Lustre. The craftsmanship of the Sri Lankan lapidary artist which is celebrated around the globe is given a whole new lift with Vindya’s creative flair which she has shared and instilled amongst the artisans of the Lustre family.

At Lustre, we strive to empower the novice Sri Lankan lapidary artists by inspiring their creative energy to bring forth the most exquisite and unconventional gem designs, in order to revolutionize the current gem and jewellery industry of Sri Lanka



To revolutionize the Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry by introducing unconventional gem designs, and enrich the creative flair of the novice Sri Lankan lapidary artists.


Our Vision

To be the prominent Sri Lankan lapidary in the international market 


Our Mission

Producing and exporting quality wise cut and polished gem stones through adding standard values while satisfying of customer employees and achieving global competitiveness  

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