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Lustre Shines Brighter with ISO 9001 2015

ISO standards are the absolute norm when you are in search for good quality products and services. It is a non-profit organization that determines the quality of products from almost every field all over the world. An ISO certification is deemed vital for any business to assure their customers of the standards they are looking up to. It is a certification of utmost importance for an up and coming business that is continually progressing for the better. We are, therefore, happy to announce that Lustre Designs Corporation has reached the ‘one of its kind in Sri Lanka’ status.

Lustre Designs Corporation has always shined in its field. However, our brightness has turned a little more Lustrous with the ISO 9001 2015 certification. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recognizes Lustre Designs Corporation for its high quality in the lapidary industry. We are the very first of its kind in Sri Lanka to achieve this recognition of good

standard in Sri Lanka, which entails that we have set new standards for everyone around us to follow.

We are the first lapidarists in the whole island to be recognized for our skills in designing, cutting, engraving and polishing and all our other ways of working magic with our raw colored stones and raw gems. We are certainly efficient in what we do, and we are as confident as ever that we will continue to be that person who sets high standards with every gem that we craft. All the documentations of ISO are checked and rechecked and revised and approved for standard quality, which means that it is no mistake that we have been recognized for our care of the products that we present all of our customers with.

That being said, we are not satisfied; and shall never be. We are not satisfied with just being certified once and for all! We promise you that each gem that we design, craft, cut and polish for you will be treated as one of its kind. Our watchful eye for keeping up with our own standards will continually

keep challenging us to go even further and to be even better. Each step that we take is extremely carefully looked through and scrutinized for good quality. From the moment the stone is found to the moment that we present the finished product, we follow a procedure within which we take utmost care that the gem turns out looking its best. Therefore, we are able to assure you that our products will always continue to be as good as the first product we ever made.

Lustre Designs Corporation being ISO 9001 2015 approved as the best lapidarist in Sri Lanka is our promise that we will continue to create wonders. The outcomes of our effort in what we do has always been inspiring us to get better with each gem we craft and each step we take. It is our sincere promise that we will always keep up to this standard of being one of its kind.

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