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Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

Vindya Perera wins for the second consecutive year Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 at Sabaragamuwa Province.

A strong passion for bringing nothing but excellence to the wider market, driven with the determination to uplift the gem and jewellery industry   with innovation, Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd has been showing success at introducing a new outlook to the Sri Lankan lapidary industry with the unconventional creative direction of two dedicated women whose goal is to surpass the standards of the traditional Sri Lankan lapidary industry. Vindya Perera, the Managing Directress of Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd, together with the unwavering support of her mother and Director of the company Mrs. Malani Polgampola, has been successful in bringing our roots in the Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry into the limelight. As a result, Vindya’s work with Brilliant Cuts has been recognized and appraised for the second consecutive year and was awarded the Women Entrepreneur – Non-Traditional Business Award, Gold, at the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 award ceremony held on 9th of JAN 2020 organized by Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with National Enterprise Development Authority.

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Having being able to achieve excellence starting from a young age, Vindya has been able to launch her own lapidary brand with the name Lustre Design Co, driven by her persistent passion towards enriching the traditional art of lapidary in Sri Lanka. Lustre has set the path for many young and novice lapidary artists to fulfil their career prospects within the field of gem and jewellery by gaining recognition and appraise for the exclusive gem cutting designs they create. The lapidary artists at work at Lustre are given the chance to showcase their creative energy with their own unique artistic flair as each artist is responsible for designing and giving life to the most exquisite gem cutting designs unlike that are already available in the market. The artists are also able to experience the opportunity to learn advanced and modern gem designing and cutting techniques which will magnify the standards of their creations.

With the help and guidance of a team of proficient designers and creators, the company has been in the process of developing a series of exquisite designer collections of gem cutting and have introduced them to the consumers as a way of showcasing the depth of talent which Lustre’s lapidary artists possess. The collections have been embraced and credited by the local and international market within a short span of time for their outstanding quality and unconventional designs.

With the initiative taken by Lustre Design Co to take the Sri Lankan lapidary industry to the market with a new face, Vindya stands at the forefront in the industry as a young woman who strives to make her lifelong passion a reality. Her work with Brilliant Cuts and her own brand Lustre showcases exemplary dedication towards uplifting the industry, a feat which sets an example for every woman of modern times and age to achieve their goals successfully.

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