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A Guide to Custom Gem Cutting

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Custom gem cutting is the finest way to treat a precious stone. Anyone from jewelry designers to trade professionals and retail consumers who want to preserve the purity and value of a gemstone can choose to have it custom cut in Sri Lanka. You do not need extensive knowledge of gems or the gem cutting process to work with a custom gem cutter. Our expert designers and cutters at Lustre Designs Corporation will cater to your unique needs and ensure your utmost satisfaction with the perfect gem.

Choosing the Right Rough

Sri Lankan gems are famed for their outstanding value the world over. It opens you up to an abundance of rough stones to choose from. Choosing a suitable rough stone is the first and the most important step of custom gem cutting. It is the rough that will end up as a finished gem. And it is in your hands to clearly understand your needs.Narrow your search down to the gemstone type, size and shape. Based on your requirements, your custom gem cutter will help you choose the perfect rough for the project you have in mind.The designers will then use their experience to help you finalize the shape and the specific cut for your chosen rough. We have a collection of designs to help you get started. Once the design and cuts are finalized, we will help determine a firm price and estimate the finished size and weight of the final gem.

Measuring the Design

Custom gem cutting is a straightforward process, but also irreversible. Once the cutting is done, there’s no going back. Therefore, any change you introduce to the final gem should be determined at the designing stage. Usually, cutters spend the most time selecting and optimizing the design as opposed to cutting it. They use a variety of tools to ensure the least waste and maximum value to the stone. Tools vary from traditional tools that are as timeless as the gemstone itself to modern computer aided modeling software. Software helps visualize designs in various gem materials with incredible accuracy, further improving the value of custom cuts.

Cutting and Finishing Up

The best cuts and consistent quality require the finest equipment and expert hands of a lapidary. This is when your choice of lapidary comes into play. Choosing to work with experts will ensure the best value for your money. At Lustre Designs, we are committed to performing above the industry standard and maintaining Sri Lanka’s identity in the world market. Custom cut gemstones from Lustre Designs Corporation can be found in gem collections and fine jewelry inshore and offshore as well. Our passion for bringing out the very best in every gemstone we touch keeps us in this business and with every customer, we rediscover our passions all over again.

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