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Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd showcases excellence at 28th Annual NCE Export Awards for the second time

Brilliance lies where a drive to showcase pre-eminence possess an overwhelming strength in one’s field of expertise and passion. The reoccurring success exhibited throughout since its conception, backed by an unwavering spirit to strive to produce nothing but the finest of its calibre, Brilliant Cuts (PVT) Ltd has yet again been successful in achieving the Bronze award – small category (Gem and Jewellery sector) at the 28th Annual NCE Export Awards ceremony 2020 held on February, organized by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka.

The work produced at Brilliant Cuts with the guidance of the remarkable mother and daughter duo, Mrs. Malani Polgampola (Directress of Brilliant Cuts) and Vindya Perera (Managing Directress at Brilliant Cuts), has been recognized for its remarkable contribution to the gem and jewellery industry across a multitude of platforms. Vindya has laid the foundation to build her own brand, Lustre, through Brilliant Cuts, and as a result she was previously awarded with the Women Entrepreneur – Non-Traditional Business Award, Gold, at the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 award ceremony, the Provincial Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award from Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce, and the Bronze Award from National Chamber of Exports (small category) at the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award ceremony.

The brands Brilliant Cuts and Lustre were conceptualized as two local platforms to uplift the local talent and take its glory to the international market to exhibit the traditional Sri Lankan lapidary industry to the world. Many of the lapidary artists employed by the two brands have been able to pave a truly rewarding career path for themselves through the Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry by enabling their innate skill in lapidary to be enriched with the guidance of the brands. Brilliant Cuts, as well as Lustre, have utilized a set of innovative gem designing and cutting techniques which are highly beneficial for the novice lapidary artists to enhance their skill, in turn encourage their passion to grow within the industry to become renowned lapidary artists.

Sri Lanka’s traditional gem and jewellery industry dates back to the ancient times where it was highly appraised nationwide and the art was gifted down through generation to generation. The family of Brilliant Cuts and Lustre alike have exerted great efforts and have pushed the boundaries in order to uplift the current Sri Lankan lapidary industry, by bringing back the long standing traditional art of lapidary of Sri Lanka and adding a touch of modernity in gem cutting techniques in order to give a new look to the local industry. This way the novice and experienced lapidary artists have both been exposed to a greater outlook in the industry and it has brought hope and opportunities for their careers to flourish in both the local and international gem and jewellery market.

Initiatives have been put in place by Brilliant Cuts in order to expand the local gem and jewellery industry towards the international market. However, unfortunate circumstances keep arising due to various reasons through distinctive distribution platforms in Sri Lanka, therefore a large number of products of the brand are unable to be distributed to the international market, enabling a fluctuation of production. The company strives to address these issues in the future with stronger and effective means of distribution.

As the industry progresses towards innovation and modernity, the art of lapidary has been embraced by Brilliant Cuts with a determination to empower the local gem and jewellery industry and the aspiring local lapidary artists who breathe life back in to the buried Sri Lankan traditional lapidary art. The initiative taken by both Brilliant Cuts and Lustre to create successful career paths for their valued lapidary artists have proven to be greatly beneficial in uplifting the current Sri Lankan gem and jewellery industry, which will ensure a brighter future for the industry in the years to come.

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