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Custom Cut Gem Collection by Lustre for Sunset Lovers

Lustre was destined to create custom gems cuts befitting each and every person with whom our paths cross. This particular custom cut collection of Sri Lankan gems was destined for lovers of picturesque sunsets that signify hope for new beginnings. Lustre Design Corporation is happy to present to you the Sunset Lover Collection to all you lovers of twinkly lights.

Golden Hour is our depiction of the dreamiest time of the day. The sun, at this hour, embraces the horizon with such warmth, giving us the magical beauty that all sunset lovers love to be part of. The sunray shape of this custom cut gem gives it the nuance that a lover of this time of the day will look for. This time just before the sun sets off to plan a new day is what we, at Lustre Design Corporation, have brought out in out in the Golden Hour custom cut gem.

Civil Twilight was inspired by the softly lit hour just before the sun sinks and gives way to silver night. The sun at this point is about to retire into the night but gives us one more chance to experience the depth of its magic. The round, starry shape of this custom cut gem by Lustre Design Corporation was meant to convey the picture of a softly sliding sun and the oncoming shades of the silver lights of the night. Civil Twilight is the ideal treat for a dreamy and romantic mind.

Sundown by Lustre is of a stunning fuchsia hue which depicts the glorious ending to a warm day. This custom cut gem was inspired by the incredible sunsets of the south of Sri Lanka, right above the golden sun-tinted sea. Lustre Design Corporation is humbled by the beauty of this custom cut gem in its soft-cornered square shape with its hue deepening as you reach the center of the gem. For that bright spark within you, for that dear emotion that you hold deep within you, Sundown will be the perfect expression.

Ah, Horizon! The gem that whispers that there is always a new beginning on the way, after the sun slides away and gives new hope for a new tomorrow. The horizon is something that attracts many lovers of sunsets. The sun’s way of showing shadows of hope behind those bright shades as they reflect on roaming clouds is something that every person would want to watch until the end. The partly circular custom cut Sri Lankan gem by Lustre Design Corporation, Horizon, will be the ideal depiction of this beautiful, blushed hour of new beginnings.

Dusk is our rendition of that remarkably inspiring part of the day when a poet would sit facing a window to compose the most beautiful pieces; this is what we pictured when creatively shaping this custom cut Sri Lankan gem. Those final rays of the day staining the windowsills is perfectly captured in the soft-cornered shape of this gem of which the center depicts strong light that softens toward the outer part of the gem. Lustre Design Corporation is elated with how this gem turned out to be.

So, there you have it. You now have the complete picture of this expressive custom cut Sri Lankan collection of gems by Lustre Design Corporation. We hope that you will be inspired by them and that you will love them.

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