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Custom Cut Magic in Lustre’s Element Collection

We are all part of the elements as much the elements are part of us. Lustre’s Nature Collection of gems is the epitome of classic custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka. We, at Lustre Designs Corporation, are elated to have come up with our own rendition of the elements of life as told through the language of custom cut gems. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether are the storytellers of this segment.

The earth is the soul of humanity. Our custom cut Earth has the telltale symmetry of the physical element that is dearest to our hearts. As much as the most beautiful things on Earth are more or less symmetrical, the Earth in fact houses the balance of many shades of green and light shadows of brown in the essence of its sparkles. The story that it tells is one of firmly grounded confidence and oneness with nature.

The air is the life blown into us by Nature. Air was custom cut here at Lustre Designs Corporation with a feeling of serenity and clarity of mind embodied into it. This custom cut piece of art will keep reminding its owner that a gentle touch of air is the way to clear the mind of any burden. The shape radiates a sense of smoothness and lightness in its white brightness.

Fire is the passion that we all unknowingly house within us. It resurfaces in times of need in the form of an inner spark that lights up our eyes and shows others the gist of our souls. Fire was custom cut by us at Lustre here in Sri Lanka with the objective of imparting to the wearer the same spark that made us design the gem. The dance of the red, the orange and the yellow hues will give you the burst of flame that your inner self needs.

Water is the tear-shaped, translucent, calm counterpart of Fire. Sometimes our passion needs to subside, in order to help us relax. The custom cut gem, Water, is the icon of calmly flowing relaxation that will tell you that the nourishment of the soul will make you prosper as a human being. This gem will graciously keep reminding you that care for yourself is at the core of your wellbeing. After all, our mortal bodies are mostly made of this calming substance.

The Ethereal can be overwhelming. Some of us, more than others, are intimidated by the idea of the universe being infinite. We finite human beings can only imagine what that is like. If this is you, the Ether was custom designed by Lustre Designs Corporation in Sri Lanka with you in mind. When you wear a universe-shaped gem on yourself, you will be reminded to stay in the present and take things slowly; also, that the universe is not as intimidating as it seems. After all, we live in it, and you even get to wear it!

This particular collection of custom cut gems which we termed our Nature Collection, although situated here in Sri Lanka, commands the attention of the world by the stories that it tells through its designs. Listen to the story a gem tells you and you will be transported without fail to wherever you want to be. This ability to tell stories is the reason why we started custom gem cutting here in Sri Lanka, the Land of Gems, and became known as Lustre Design Corporation.

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