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Custom Cut Your Birthstone

We humans always love to have by us something that makes us feel safe and loved; something that we feel will serve us as a talisman in times of need; something, when quite simply put, precious. Custom gem cutting could never get any more personal than when you get a custom cut stone for yourself or your favourite person, based on the month of birth. What could be more precious than a custom cut “Birth Month Stone” or, as it is more popularly called “Birthstone”! We, here at Lustre Design Corporation, shall always be glad to work with you and your Birthstone in order to provide you with the lucky charm of your dreams.

Birthstones as amulets have a long history. Let our Lustre Design Corporation, in our role of expert in custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka, tell you the story. A first century historian named Titus Flavius Josephus was the first person to opine that there was a spiritual connection between twelve special stones mentioned in Israelite history and the twelve zodiac constellations. Thus, began the story of the luck embedded in Birthstones and wearing them in a jewel. Whether there is truth in this saying or not, we must admit that it is indeed a comfort to wear on our person something that reminds us of our sheer fortune in being born into this world.

Whatever the month of your birth may be, we are happy to let you know that you have a gorgeous Birthstone related to that month. January is the month of the Garnet, a unique maroon stone found in metamorphic rocks, sometimes in granite and volcanic rocks. February is the month of the Amethyst which occur as shiny crystals within rocks. March is the month of the Aquamarine, a mineral of cool shade which forms inside granites as magma deep inside the earth. April is the month of the diamond, the popular variant of carbon with a crystalline structure. May is the month of the Emerald, the green beauty. June is the month of the Moonstone, in which light bounces back and forth and emits a halo-like colour that we see from outside. July is the month of the Ruby, the red stunner, second in hardness only to the diamond. August is the month of the Peridot, which comes in bright to light shades of glowing green. September is the month of the Sapphire, the popular bluish attraction. October is the month of the Opal, which resembles the light reflected off flowing water. November is the month of the Citrine, a warm, yellowish blinder. December is the month of the Turquoise, from which beautiful waters derive their name.

You see, we, at Lustre Design Corporation, shall be eagerly awaiting your order to custom cut your beautiful Birthstone to make it even more unique and fitting your wishes. Our art of custom gem cutting here in Sri Lanka is truly unique in that we shall always be intent on giving your Birthstone, your “Dreamstone”, our very best.

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