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Etiquettes in Custom Gem Cutting Business

Gem is one of the most prestigious types of trading in the world. At the heart of it is custom gem cutting, catering to a niche market segment. Whether you participate in this trade as a customer, trader, or a gemologist, it is important to practice common courtesy and observe gem business etiquette in all professional encounters.

Here are some of the key practices to keep in mind when you’re online or at a physical gem store in Sri Lanka.

Don’t Intrude or Interrupt

Life is hectic and everyone is in a mad rush. It doesn’t, however, give anyone a free pass to intrude or interrupt. Be patient when a gemologist is treating a customer before you. Stay out of hearing distance and wait patiently for your turn. Even better, always try to reserve an appointment ahead of time so that you can cut down on waiting time.

Be Polite

Being polite is a universal etiquette regardless of the trade. Nobody wants to deal with rude, obnoxious people, even if they are a customer.

Sometimes certified gemologists may have other personnel dealing with direct inquiries before screening and sending them across. This is a common practice that helps save time. While these personnel may not have the expertise of a gemologist, they are qualified, well-trained and represent the lapidary that aims to serve you. Be clear with your needs and be polite to them with your inquiries.

Respect Other People’s Time

If you’re a customer only inquiring prices and have no intention of getting your gemstone custom cut, respect the other person’s time enough to say so. This will help the gemologist evaluate priorities and make time for you without regret.

The time you take with the gemologist should also weigh in proportion to your purchase. If you intend to spend less, or make only a small purchase, be considerate enough not to take too much time.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

We admit. Custom gem cutting is not the easiest trade to master, nor the fastest to learn. While some customers do a little bit of research beforehand, some are not as aware, and need all the help they can get. At Lustre Designs, we don’t hesitate to help out with our expertise. If there’s anything you need to know before placing your order, ask away. We are only too willing to help.

Cash vs Card

Gem merchants overseas prefer hard cash over card transactions. Sri Lankan gem industry is pretty much the same. Make sure you carry at least some amount of the transaction in cash.

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