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Fire Collection

Fire gives everything a life of its own. The passion housed in those powerful flames that can make or break anything is what we have tried our best to portray through the custom cut gem collection by Lustre Designs Corporation that we have decided to call Fire. The skilled fingers of our designers are sure to take your breath away when you set your eyes on this exquisite collection. This collection has four works of art called Sea of Flames, Hearth, Sheila and Burner.

The Sea of Flames is a vivid portrayal of the exotic beauty that you see when you behold exactly that. The stunning play of the light and the dark within the streaks of this custom cut gem are a picture of fire itself. The perfection of these flames that have been captured into a single gem will surely be something that you do not see very often. This is a piece that does great justice to the name of our Fire custom cut gem collection

The Hearth is not secondary to this. This fragment of perfection is sure to blow your mind with its stark alliance to the place where the flames are the hottest and the most passionate looking. The Hearth is designed most specifically to please the elegant person within you. It is a simple but beautiful design that speaks of carefully custom cut out beauty. This elegant piece of art by Lustre Designs Corporation is sure to attract you very easily.

Sheila is one of those designs that speaks a world without a single movement of lips. This unique custom cut will be sure to whisper in your ear that, at Lustre Designs Corporation, we are ready to take on the world and make any challenging custom gem cut that your heart desires. The sharp edges of this particular piece will show you the sharpness of perception of our designers at Lustre. Sheila is one of those designs that even the strongest willed person in the world cannot resist the wanting to possess it in the palm of their own hand.

Burner in the custom cut Fire collection by Lustre Designs Corporation will show you that even the hard task of reflecting the power of a lotus through an extraordinary gem cut is not an impossibility here at Lustre. This gem has some extraordinary facets that show a pattern that matches the shape of a beautiful lotus flower. The addition of beauty to passion is the specialty of this particular cut.

The Fire custom cut gem collection by Lustre Designs Corporation is all that. The feeling that these gems shower on their beholder is one of passion. Lustre, being an expert in custom gem cutting, is at its peak in this collection as much as in most of its collections. However, the portrayal of passion is by far unique to this particular collection. This breathtaking creative piece is one of its kind in the custom gem cutting industry.

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