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Future is now; combining heritage with technology in gem cutting

Sri Lanka’s rich and vibrant history has always led to the cultivation of the arts. The art of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka is no different. Collectives such as Lustre Design Corporation bring that age old tradition of the yester-year and give it a mix of modern taste.

But like any art, there must be some development of not only skill and technique but of the trade as a whole, so that it can economically support the artists as well as their appetite for design. Private entities such as Lustre Design Corporation can only do so much for their artists and eventually the State has to step in to provide some guidance. Given that the gem industry has had a growth of nearly 3% even during a pandemic and mostly due to the activity from foreign markets, it is becoming clear that this trade could help Sri Lanka overcome this decline in the economy.

Sri Lanka too has recognized the growth potential of not just the industry but especially the potential of gem cutting in Sri Lanka and has taken steps to cultivate the future of the trade. With the setting up of a new state of the art trade center, there is promise that Sri Lanka is taking a proactive role in developing the industry for the future. This will assist collectives such as Lustre Design Corporation to not only bring their budding talent to the forefront but to help cultivate raw skill to an international standard. Lustre Design Corporation gives these youngsters an opportunity to make something of themselves by giving them not only professional guidance but financially supporting them while they train in the art. WE are the first and the and only institute to do so in sri lanka, allowing aspiring jewellers to progress in the path of their dreams whilst building a stable career out of the art of gem cutting.

Custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka has always had a place in the international arena since the early days due to the pure skill of our ancestors. Additionally, through the development of technology, the niche market that custom gem cutting caters to does not have quite the hold on the world. But a combination of both technology and age -old skill, might give Sri Lanka the push it needs to secure its place in the international market on a much larger scale.

Sri Lankan history has always had lessons it could teach the world and the impact it could make on the gem industry is one that can go far beyond.

Cultivating young talent should be one of the primary goals for the growth of the trade. Collectives such as Lustre Design Corporation have identified this requirement and have already taken steps that will allow for enterprises such as themselves as well as young lapidary artists to grow stronger together.

Sri Lanka has a rich history steeped with skill which has fallen by the wayside due to the pure lack of vision. The time has finally come, where the natural trades of Sri Lanka is being given proper recognition along with a plan to develop.

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