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Invertebrate by Lustre

Dedicated towards sourcing the unique, whilst encapsulating the charm of the magnificent, Lustre has always delivered top-notch designs which bring out the best in a stone. These cuts are not just different from the usual, but are a facet of a joy, illuminating beauty beyond bounds. Another chapter in this story, is the introduction of the stunning invertebrate collection which has two bizarre, yet stylish cuts sure to make jaws drop. This collection is a symbol of good luck, with the promise of bringing a prosperous fortune to the wearer.


A source of fear to some, a source of fascination to others - a spider is a symbolisation of ancient wisdom inculcated within feminine power. It's a charm of old artistry, mingled with the subtle hints of belief. It is a memoir of ancient elegance, adorning art created and passed down through generations. Captivating the essence of the spider, the Araneae by Lustre was born. Unique in its own way, yet powerful in what it symbolises, this cut highlights the inner beauty of the stone, whilst flaunting an elegant imprint of the spider.

In many countries, and traditions, spiders are of utmost importance as they're believed to be a source of wealth and fortune, thus making this new creation the perfect addition to Lustre's invertebrate collection. Not only is it beautiful, but is ideal for daily wear, especially for the wearer who believes in its charm.


The ladybird cut is like nothing you would have ever seen before! It's not just an epitome of grace, but its scintillating picturesque appeal holds the power to make anyone stop for a second glance. This cut, captures the best of two stones, moulded into the perfect shape in order to defy the darkness, making way for light. Similar to how a ladybird is popular for its positivity, this cut is sure to bring endless happiness and positive vibes to the wearer.

A ladybird is a mystical creature that holds the ability to be a messenger of good news. It is a harbinger of transformation, turning dense situations into light moments which are to be cherished forever. The ladybird cut by Lustre is a culmination of this symbolisation and is designed with the utmost love to provide a poetic memoir to the wearer, giving them something to be cherished forever.

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