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Jewels By The Ocean by Lustre

Adding to the list of Lustre's unique and stunning collections is Jewel By The Ocean, an 8 gem cut collection in beautiful design that reflects the attributes of the ocean.

The collection itself is inspired by the ocean and marine life where each cut is tastefully carved with intricate skills and mastery by the talented lapidary artists at Lustre.

The stones are carefully picked, in shades of white and yellow that radiate an impressionable outlook of brilliance and achieve the desired effect that the collection aimed to have, with an ode to the magnificent ocean and its unique creatures.

The collection comprises 8 custom cut gems, that are refined and polished, before they are performed into distinct shapes that depict the idea of a jewel by the ocean. Each cut is unique in its own sense, carefully cut and polished by skilled lapidary artists who groove each stone individually to bring out the final look of the cut.

Lustre as a brand aims for excellence, and to bring to the table something different each time. Something that hasn't been done before. As such all collections by Lustre are distinct and hold out their own unique appeal in the world of custom cut gems. Jewel By The Ocean is another addition that is both unique and stands out, delivering excellence.

The collection carries a certain charm, encapsulated with the song of the sea and the vast ideologies of endless possibilities. Just like the ocean, wearers of these cuts are said to expect an abundance of blessings. This vibe is personified with the exceptional skill of Lustre artists who bring out the best in the stone whilst capturing the idea of the inspiration.

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