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Lustre’s Custom Cut Fire Collection: for the Passionate You “Light within light” is what played in

“Light within light” is what played in our thoughts when we created this custom cut gemstone collection at Lustre Design Corporation here in Sri Lanka. The passion of red and the power of light are merged flawlessly in this stunning collection. This article will introduce to you the Fire Collection of custom cut Sri Lankan gems.

The Sea of Flames is a portrayal of the exoticism of flames as they shimmer all on their own. This gem brings out the power of the flames in the height of their passion as they flash their aura over everyone around. This is a gem that brings us satisfaction through how symmetrical and perfect it turned out to be after our effort. The Sea of Flames by Lustre Design Corporation is the perfection we desire to attain in all of our custom cuts.

The Hearth is a custom cut gem in our Fire Collection that is designed for the passionate and equally elegant person within you. Its simple yet beautiful design takes the shape of a simmering hearth that radiates warmth and softness. The soft play of iridescent rays perfectly captures our theme in that this gem boasts of both passion and elegance. Lustre Design Corporation feels simply delighted by the look of this custom cut piece as much as it surely will delight you.

The Sheila is a custom cut gemstone of an extremely unique cut that will show you how nimble our designers are and how versatile we are at Lustre Design Corporation. This brave cut that we undertook is shaped so boldly that it will make anyone look back at it to get a better glimpse. Sheila is for the bold and experimental person within you. It is for the part of you that is intent on taking on challenges just like we did on this dazzling cut.

The Burner in the Fire Collection of custom cut gems by Lustre Design Corporation here in Sri Lanka, is a cut that embodies an extraordinary pattern of facets that make us content with how the end result looks. This faceted gem glows like a lotus in its beautiful and neat shape. The cut of this gem gives it so much more glitter along with a lot of depth in its colour which pops at whoever beholds it. We hope that you will find this gem as alluring as it really is.

So, there is our Fire Collection. This custom cut gem collection by Lustre Design Corporation in Sri Lanka will certainly make you glance at it several times to absorb its striking beauty. We hope it pleases you as much as it pleased us ever so much while we were giving it the life that it now has.

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