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Lustre’s Lustrous Recognition and Awards

Lustre is a company that has, over the years, been highly recognized for its excellence and the quality assurance that it has always given its customers. Here we shall allow our awards to speak for themselves!

The perfection of our pieces is brought out by the Best Lapidary Art 2019 prize awarded to one of our special creations named ‘Lotus’ which was part of a collection of our gems that we named ‘The Garden’. This award was presented to us by the Gemmologists’ Association of Sri Lanka at the Jewels 2019 Gem and Jewellery Trade Exhibition and Competition held in December 2019 at BMICH, Colombo. This particular piece was crafted with attention to the perfect aura and soothing colour of the Lotus flower which is one of the most popular flowers in Sri Lanka. This is truly an uncommon design that we are extremely proud of and satisfied with.

Vindya Perera, from a very tender age, has been inspired to be part of the gem and jewel industry; specifically, the custom gem cutting industry of Sri Lanka. Her early-bloomed talent in offering leadership is one that has her much loved by her peers at Lustre Design Corporation. As proof of this is the award that she received as The Provincial Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award ceremony held on the 9th of December that year. This prestigious ceremony was hosted by the Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with the national enterprise development authority.

Brilliant Cuts (Pvt.) Ltd., of which Vindya Perera is the Managing Director, also secured the Bronze Award in the small category of the Gem and Jewellery sector at the 28th Annual NCE Export Awards Ceremony 2020. This event, held on the 25th of February, was hosted by the National Chamber of Commerce. This achievement boasts of Vindya’s unwavering contribution to the industry of gemology in Sri Lanka.

Our founder, Vindya’s, passion was proved to be a fruitful one when she secured yet again an award recognizing her ability. At the Sabaragamuwa Province Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020 Ceremony, she secured the Woman Entrepreneur, Non-Traditional Business Award (Gold). This event was held on the 9th of January 2020 and was hosted by the Sabaragamuwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with National Enterprise Development Authority. Vindya’s respect for and admiration of the talent for people involved in her industry has been the building block that led to her securing of this award. She has made it a point in her life to give back to this talent by inspiring young custom gem cutting artists in Sri Lanka a means by which to follow their passion.

The sheer excellence of the outcome of Vindya’s efforts did not go unrewarded yet again in 2020. She was awarded the CNCI Excellence National Bronze Award 2020 & CNCI Excellence Provincial Silver Award at the CNCI Excellence Award Ceremony hosted by the National Chamber of Commerce on the 25th of March 2020. We are elated to be able to work following her young and excellent leadership.

September 2019 was another special month for us, for that was when Vindya secured the Bronze award in the Gem and Jewellery Category at the 27th annual NCE Export Award 2019 hosted by the National Chamber of Commerce on the 20th of September 2019. This goes to show that our gems are truly crafted to fit the level of perfection that you expect of us. Our gems that are individually handcrafted and custom made by Lustre Design Corporation truly bring out the actual brilliance of light just as our tagline promises.

The art of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka was given a new-found outlook by us here at Lustre Design Corporation and we are truly humbled by the awards and continuous recognition that we have experienced with our peers in the world of gems and jewellery.

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