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Lustre wins at the Jewellery World Awards in Dubai!

The Jewellery World Awards prides itself in being an awarding function that is one of its kind in the Middle East, with a remarkable reputation of being one of the most respected awards in the international gemstone trade industry.

It was established in the year 2012 and since then has been striving to recognise the effort, innovation and creativity of gemstone merchants worldwide. As a regional edition, JWA Dubai also has goals aligned in the same perspective, while maintaining standards of excellence.

The recent JWA was held at the Dubai Expo where Lustre was awarded most outstanding small enterprise for its commendable work in establishing a unique facet of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka. With 9 categories and innumerous nominees for each from applications around the world, this feat is truly a celebratory achievement for Lustre.

Lustre is a brand that was birthed as a result of the sheer passion and determination of Ms. Vindya Perera to bring back the craft of gem cutting which was on par with Sri Lanka’s rich heritage. She combined this passion with a will to provide a steadfast path for aspiring, young jewellers to learn and explore this craft being one of Sri Lanka’s first Gemology Institutes. Her vision to empower the novice lapidary artists has brought forth a revolution of requisite and unconventional designs in the gem cutting and jewellery industry.

Vindya’s vision coming to life is a result of her creative roots which stemmed her interest in the field. She was raised in what is known as the island of gems and hence was exposed to the mystical beauty of gems and the craft of turning a stone into a precious jewel since her early days. Her love for this business sparks from respect that she barbours for the workers in the industry who spend long hours hyperfocused on producing the best possible output.

Due to this, her aim is to tell stories in the process of rehashing the gem industry and evolving the art to stay on par with modern times

Lustre as a brand is a true asset to Sri Lanka in the field of gem cutting and jewellery, gaining international recognition for its hardwork and talent. This achievement marks an imminent milestone in Lustre’s journey with the promise of more to come.

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