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Morning Dew Collection

Inspired by sunlight caressing the waters on a bright morning, the morning dew collection by Lustre Design Corporations is a symbolisation of beauty in simplicity, a step closer towards capturing the essence of sunshine and crafting it into a timeless memoir.

This stunning collection comprises of bright yellow stones intricately cut to match the softness and shine that morning dew consists of. It is a carrier of the morning light that escapes through the thick clouds bringing forth a promising new beginning.

At Lustre, we have unique stories that inspire our collections and allow us to bring unconventional and sophisticated designs to the table. These stories come from traditional roots that have grown through authentic Sri Lankan culture. As such Morning Dew is also a representation of the glow and glimmer that shines through when morning sunlight hits the Sri Lankan oceans. Each cut is exquisite with  scintillation that leaves the eye in awe.

The collection features a modified hexagon gem cut which harbours the personality of a kaleidoscope with an impressive play on light due to its multiple facets. Its enchanting beauty has the power to leave one mesmerised.

Modern octagon cuts have created quite the buzz in the fashion industry, making it a trendy yet clear and bright addition to our collection.

We also have a range of hexagonal cuts that are crafted to give an elegant yet prominent flair to your jewellery. These cuts are customised so you can show off the beauty of the stone as it gleams in the light.

​Lastly, a priceless concluding number to this collection is the elongated marquise gem cut which is definitely more than what meets the eye. It's shape highlights the beauty of the stone, while making it appear bigger in size.

This collection labelled Morning Dew is indeed something that is special to our hearts as it allows us to explore simplicity through beauty while showcasing cultural value. We look forward in sharing our love for this with you, so do drop in to shop for these beauties!

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