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Sapphires in Sri Lanka

Located in the heart of the island, Sapphires are sourced mainly from the cities of Ratnapura and Kataragama. Mines in these areas produce Sapphires of a variety of different colours such as pink, yellow, green and blue to name a few.

The Ceylon Sapphires have been undoubtedly recognised and accepted to be conspicuously superior in value and preference to other cradles of sapphires sourced from other Nations. The Blue Sapphire being most unique to Sri Lanka constitute of an unsurpassed level of unmatched clarity and transparency, has not only established its position as the premier most colored stone amongst the discriminatory International Gemstone & Jewellery fraternity, but with its glorious brilliance has also established Sri Lanka as the treasure cove for Sapphires in the world.

Premium Sri Lankan Sapphires are valued on the basis of their price, size and colour with Blue Sapphires being the most expensive stones found in the island. The stones are first mined and then taken through an initial process where the rough edges are refined and stones are prepared for girdling. The polished stones are then faceted and cut in different styles to cater to the preferences of the customer. All Sapphires are customisable and can be delivered according to the customer's choice of colour and size.

Despite there being variations in primary colour codes, there are also differences in the shades and densities of the stone. For example, Blue Sapphires come in clusters named velvet, cornflower, indigo, so and so forth wherein the deeper the colour is, the more expensive the stone gets and vice versa. Sapphires are often heated to bring out the purity of colour in order to add brilliance to the stone. Unheated Sapphires are naturally bright and have a scintillating natural radiance.

Sapphires are truly the pride of the island and the jewels that adorn this land. Lustre as a brand works with Sapphires of different kinds to polish and cut these precious stones in order to bring out the best in them. Our services include customisation of Sapphires according to client preference and a range of versatile styles to choose from.

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