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Snowfall Collection

​A subtle reminder of how each snowflake has its own unique beauty and shape, the snowfall collection curated by Lustre Design Corporations is a reminder of how everything becomes a lot more stunning in its own uniqueness. Through this collection we hope to freeze moments into everlasting memories, whilst capturing fleeting seconds of happiness into precious souvenirs that become a gift of a lifetime. These gems of white and pale blue hue have been collected and after undergoing labourous procedures, have been compiled into a very special collection.

Each gem in this collection is different, portraying the true essence of beauty in diversity, as well as highlighting the originality of each intricately crafted gem. The first one in this series is a gem shaped into a snowflake which is designed to give off the frosty feels truly encapsulating winter in a showy and gorgeous gemstone. Another cut with multiple facets flaunts an interesting display of light with its majestic shape which is made especially to adorn modern jewellery and make it look fabulous.

Abstract variations of ice, coupled with inspiration drawn snow has led to the birth of this scintillating gem cut which depicts beauty in authenticity and originality. The final one in this beautiful collection resembles peace and purity, like the soft snowfall on an early winter night. It's an ambassador of minimalism yet still holds power to make jaws drop. "Snowfall" indeed has an interesting backstory to it - one which empowers beauty to be embraced in every form, showcasing the importance of being original in order to have priceless moments of happiness. Visit us at our store to shop this collection!

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