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Star Struck Collection

​​Stars usually have special places in all of our hearts, be it because of zodiac signs, the love of a moonlit night or the memory of that special person who owns a sparkle in our hearts. The Star Struck custom cut gem collection by Lustre Designs Corporation is one that brings the dream of being close to the sparkle of a star all along. Through this collection we strive to bring that dream closer to your fingertips. This collection houses four gems that we have named Sirius, Galactic Ray, Venus and Summer Triangle.

Sirius is our rendition of the brightest star in the night sky that will illuminate your dreams just as it illuminates the heavenly nocturnal sky. This is quite an unusual cut with a singular shape that will play with brightness and shade to mesmerize your eyes with its soft reflections. This cut is meant to symbolize the passion of your life and will work on any of your jewels like a charm.

Galactic Ray is a cut that is meant to throw the distinct energy of starlight into your life. The attractiveness of your jewellery will be much more pronounced with this piece of art embedded in them. The designer cut adopted in Galactic Ray is sure to mean a lot to the part of you that values the mystic energy that a calm night sky could hold. The sweet secrets of the universe are infinite. This custom gem cut by Lustre Design Corporation is meant to remind you of your fortune in being a part of it.

Venus in our Star Struck Collection is a unique cut that will probably typically be seen as feminine. Its soft, yet strongly symmetrical, curve will remind you of the goddess like star in the night sky that is also called the evening star which is followed by the moon. As much as the moon falls for the beauty of Venus, our Venus will remind you of your own worth and beauty. This strong but tranquil looking custom cut is our rendition of the stunning nature of Venus in the night sky.

The Summer Triangle is one of our custom cut gems that will remind you of the Altair, Deneb and Vega stars that shine the brightest during the comfortingly warm summers. This gem by Lustre is meant to make you feel that whatever encompasses you in life is always as bright and warm like these beauties of summertime.

As you may now be feeling, these renditions of the bright and, at the same time, mystical secrets of the universe will be irresistible for sure. These gems in Lustre Designs Corporation’s Star Struck Collection will indeed leave you star struck when you see them. We shall be waiting for the chance to show you these beauties when you come visit us!  

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