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Sun Dance Collection

The sun shining on flowers is a deep and heartfelt feeling as much as it is a treat to the eyes. The Sun Dance Collection of custom cut gems by Lustre Designs Corporation is as unmatched in brilliance as what it initially sounds like. It is a collection that is inspired by the awe-inspiring feeling that you get when you see the sun shedding soft brightness on flowers and everything else at different times of the day. This collection which is a combination of softness and brightness consists of four unique cuts that we have dubbed Daffodil, Golden Ray, Aubade and Star Struck.

The Daffodil is an irresistible design in the guise of a daffodil flower. The soft charm and symmetry of the daffodil flower is brought out through the cut and colour of this captivating design. As you might well have realized, custom gem cutting is a language in which we, at Lustre Designs Corporation, are fluent in. When you see our rendition of the daffodil, you will feel just that, without a doubt. The calm and collected feeling that you experience when you see a daffodil is what we have attempted to replicate in our Daffodil.

Our Golden Ray is an equally eloquent design which draws the attention of the viewer with its sharp edges and elongated design. This custom cut gem will certainly take you back to the day when you witnessed the lush golden hour of the day. Looking at this gem, by Lustre, will not only enthrall you but also will keep you satisfied that you have this cherished time of the day at your fingertips. What luck! The golden hours of a day are named as such for a reason; and we believe that we have captured that feeling in our skilled hands and poured it into this particular gem cut.

Aubade here in our Sun Dance Collection is not exactly a soulful lovers’ song of farewell, but rather the gemological version of dawn which gives hope for a new day and new life. It might as well be a custom cut gem for lovers in that this unique design draws from affection, hope and warm wishes for the beautiful oncoming dawn which gives us all something to look forward to. Dawn is one of the warmest and most romantic times of the day. This beautiful cut from us, at Lustre Design Corporation, captures the poetic beauty of dawn in all its mystic attraction.

Star Struck in the Sun Dance Collection of custom cut gems is a meticulously cut, sharply captivating creation of Lustre Designs Corporation. This beauty will surely leave you star struck in the deepest sense of the phrase. The contrasting reflections of light within this gem are bound to touch the deepest spot in your heart because of the embedded brightness in it that draws in everyone’s eye at first sight.

These creative items in Lustre Design Corporation’s Sun Dance Collection capture the deepest beauty of the most beautiful hours of the say. It portrays the soft warmth of the sun in all its glory. Our language of custom gem cutting is unmatched in these skilled works of art. 

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