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The Celestial Custom Cut Gem Collection by Lustre

Lustre Design Corporation is known for glitter. You might not have known yet, but we also have been hiding some stardust in our iridescent portfolio. Out comes our Celestial Collection of custom cut Sri Lankan gems. This collection was inspired by the boldness of the all-knowing universe, of which we are part.

The Supernova is one of the bolder gems in this series with a bright pop of purple in an accentuated oval shape. This cut was our rendition of the powerfully luminous explosions of energy in the universe. Lustre Design Corporation has made the most of this gem in which the internal rays span outward at first sight. Supernova gives a pop of color to the Celestial Collection.

The Nebula is a soft colored translucent gem of which the oval shape takes subtle breaks now and again. This gem was inspired by the haze that gently envelopes everything that we know in the universe. What we know of the universe might be mighty little, but Lustre Design Corporation knows for sure that this hazy custom cut Sri Lankan gem is bound to capture your eye at first sight.

The Andromeda is straight from that far away galaxy which you have read about but have never seen. You can now not only see it, but you could also have it. This piece of galaxy that Lustre Design Corporation custom cut is ideal for the part of you that feels like you need some stardust in life.

The Stargazer was indeed made for the amateur stargazer within you. As far as we know everyone is a stargazer; but some are keener than others. For that whisper in your soul that tells you to go out into the twilit sky and watch the evening star move slowly and steadily across, Lustre custom cut this Sri Lankan gem for you.

The Cosmic Ray is our rendition of the zooming flares of energy that add to the essence of the universe. Lustre Design Corporation custom cut this Sri Lankan gem to match the picture of our imagination of a cosmic ray. The sharp corners and the arrow-like design signify the burst of energy that is embedded in cosmic rays. If you are a person in need of blinding brightness in your life, this precious gem is for you.

The Orbit has a unique look which stems from our imagination of planets in orbit around the brightest star. Notice the bright inner core of this cut. This is our rendition of our place around the sun, our place within our little cozy spot in the infinite universe. We, at Lustre Design Corporation, made this glittery piece with love for our place in the universe.

The North Star custom cut Sri Lankan gem is the image of the brightest star that we see in the night sky. It is said that travelers of yore used this gift of the universe to navigate deep into the unknown. It is said that rarely does a person following the north star lose their way. Since the north star is always located right above a pole of the Earth, it seems like every other star rotates around it. Lustre’s North Star is for you if you would love a stable connection with your inner self.

The Interstellar which is of such a captivating shape is how we imagine it is like when you are blissfully blinded by multiple hazy constellations all at the same time. Imagine swooshing within the Milky Way with your eyes engrossed in the beauty of a seemingly limitless number of stars. This is a one-of-a-kind custom cut Sri Lankan gem done by Lustre Design Corporation, imagining a feeling that you might get when you let yourself go and give yourself to the beauties of the universe.

The concept of infinity might be slightly intimidating, but our version of it will take your breath away for a good reason. As you see, Lustre Design Corporation can work magic with any gem that we get out skillful hands on. The Celestial Collection of custom cut Sri Lankan gems is our rendition of the beautiful infinities and the infinite beauties of the universe.

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