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The Elements Custom Cut Gem Collection by Lustre

Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth: the five elements that beget life have been our inspiration here for The Elements Collection by Lustre Design Corporation. As a leading custom gem cutter in Sri Lanka, we have moved to a different level through this collection in which we have showcased our eye for minute details in nature and our ability to translate them into gems of choice.

The subtle inward spiral of the vast infinity of space that is subconsciously in our minds is captured in this pastel gem of which the design points discreetly inward. The Ether is the ideal representation of space with its unique pops of color that are seen here and there where the galaxies are. Our Ether speaks of these magical lighted voids of space of which we are fond. On seeing this, Lustre is sure that you will think of the ethereal, the real, and the unreal that color our lives in happy colors.

What makes us live, what we take for granted is what we have tried to bring out in this beautifully translucent gem that we have named Air. We, at Lustre Design Corporation, are happy to show you this custom cut beauty because air is the one thing that we entirely depend upon without a thankful moment. This gem will make you remember to be thankful for what we have and for life. Its unique shape will give your life the sense of stability you ever wanted.

Our fiery Fire will be the ideal gem for the feisty inner being in you. Everyone has a go-to passion that they treasure either openly or privately. For those who feed their passion openly, this gem will give you reason to explain passionately; however, you could also keep that secret passion of yours at heart with our Fire in your possession. With this custom cut Sri Lankan gem, you will constantly be reminded of the great and alluringly passionate human being you are. Lustre Design Corporation is also greatly passionate about our work in custom cutting Sri Lankan gems.

The beginning of fertile life is water. Our Water is a gem of the color of water which represents your will to live and your thankfulness for the gift of life. Water by Lustre showcases the gentleness of our creative artists in carving out the likeness of a beautiful life-giving droplet on a precious gem. This custom cut gem which reflects calmness and confidence will remind you of those same qualities within you and make you feel gentle but strong.

The next gem in our collection is the representation of what nourishes us as living beings. The earth has always been our starting point; this is where we return to in all times of need. Lustre Design Corporation knows that it has always helped us all grow as much as it grows all things that nourish us lovingly. The perennial shades of the earth were what inspired our Earth. The Earth will invariably remind you of the ever-presence of life within you and around you. It will bless you with the gift of gratitude for who you have grown into.

As you see, The Elements collection is what you have been waiting for if you are a lover of life, its starting points, and its various forms and figures. Here we have found gems that are the most befitting to represent the five elements of life. We hope that The Elements, custom cut Sri Lankan gem collection, by Lustre Design Corporation will inspire you with its evocations of your wandering feelings.

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