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The Language of Custom Gem Cutting in Lustre’s Heritage Collection in Sri Lanka

As much as the art of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka is of a close tie to its creator, we, at Lustre Design Corporation, make it a point to enrich these custom-made designs with the dream gem of our client. In actuality, the brilliance of a custom-cut gem is the work both of external light and the intricate mazes that are skillfully handcrafted by our lapidarists. We certainly have some very prized custom-cut gem collections here with us.

One of our priceless collections of gems is the Heritage Collection. The Kelaniya, The Nelum, The Samsara and The Embekke are all intricate pieces of gem-art crafted with sheer skill and sensitivity and based mostly upon Sri Lanka’s historical Buddhist edifices. This creative custom-cut gem collection is a glorious impression of our artists on places of architectural and symbolic importance to many Sri Lankans as well as popular beliefs in the country.

The first gem in this special collection has been named The Kelaniya because it has drawn inspiration from the popular carving of the sun at the Kelaniya Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka. This custom-cut gem owes its beauty to the brilliant impression of the carved sun in all its lustre. It is one of our most luxurious designs rich in its embodiment of the epitome of light.

The next piece in this collection is The Nelum which was inspired by the lotus-stem-shaped columns of the Nissanka Latha Mandapaya in Polonnaruwa. This edifice was built by King Nissankamalla who reigned in the twelfth century. This very solid building had been used as a place from which Buddhist monks chanted blessings. The Nelum is the personification of the lotus buds on the tops of those columns secured in the perfection of a gem.

The Samsara owes its inspiration to the Buddhist belief of the continuous circle of life and death. Although most Buddhists believe that this never-ending circle is one that should inspire pain, Lustre Design Corporation has tried to make the most of custom cutting this gem by turning it into the beauty of an intricately carved gem. We assure that you will find some solace in watching the infinite rays of lustre that it emanates.

The Embekke can certainly not be the least. The (original) Embekke was a building commissioned by King Vikramabahu III of the Gampola era and dedicated to God Kataragama. The Embekke was inspired by the intricate carvings of this Embekke Temple. To appreciate the minutiae, we invite you to take a look at this prized gem yourself.

The Heritage Collection is but one of our very special custom-cut gem collections here at Lustre Design Corporation in Sri Lanka. We invite you warmly to come explore all our creative gem collections. Being one of the most popular lapidarists in the country, the Lustre Design Corporation does indeed work magic with the blocks of stone that we are given. We turn these absolutely valuable blocks into even unthinkably invaluable works of artistic magic.

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