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The Life Story of a Gem

A gem never fades; literally. They are rare; they are stunning; they are perennial; and for all those reasons, they are valuable. Each gem has a wealth of history; and we, at Lustre Design Corporation, are about to elaborate all that for you. Following is the life story of a gem from the moment it starts to form, to the point at which a lucky designer of ours gets their agile hands on it and, after working magic, passes it on to you. One thing is for certain: Lustre Design Corporation is privileged to be one of the leading custom gem-cutting companies in Sri Lanka.

There are several ways in which gems can form. Would you believe that rain that fell on the surface of the earth millions of years ago is the reason for the formation of some gems that we see today? When rain falls on the earth’s crust, some of it passes through and starts gathering minerals and chemicals on the way down. Having dissolved a lot of it, the water falls into cracks and remains there for a long time. The pressure and heat around this substance turns it into a new kind of mineral over an inexplicably long time. This is what we would call a gemstone. Lustre Design Corporation gets to custom cut these rare gifts of nature as you will see below.

Moving further down from the surface of the earth, we find the mantle. This is where you have a solid upper layer and an inner layer consisting of magma, a molten or sometimes semi-molten material resulting from the heat from the earth’s fiery core. This part of the earth forms what are called igneous rocks. They are called so because of the intense heat that it takes to form them. So, this magma sometimes finds little cracks in the mantle to get into so that it can steal in and, at leisure, solidify into precious gemstones. Lustre Design Corporation works dexterously to make them even more precious by custom cutting them for you.

There are various kinds of rock formations in the world. Where there is magma close to a rock formation, sometimes it seeps in and affects the whole rock and makes it change its form into a completely different mineral, because of the incredible heat of the magma. This mineral sometimes turns out to be a gemstone. This process is called recrystallization. Lustre Design Corporation takes these recrystallized beauties to reshape them, to custom cut them into works of fine art.

These natural processes do not happen as often as it would sound. The temperature, the pressure, the combining minerals should all be perfectly right for these processes to create a gemstone. So, these painstakingly formed gemstones in ore eventually, when the time is right, will come into the palms of a lucky gem cutter. Therefore, at Lustre Design Corporation, we consider ourselves extremely privileged to get to work with works of art created by the land on which we live. We make magic out of these stones.

With the gemstone in our palms, the talent of our gem designers and the advanced equipment we have combine to give you the final product: a beautifully formed gem in one of our skillful and breathtaking designer cuts. We make sure that each gem that passes through our hands gets treated as a canvas with no part of it gone to waste. We treat gems as they deserve to be treated: as a rare, stunning, perennial, and valuable pieces of art. Imagine what it might feel like to have one of these pieces on a jewel that you wear. Lustre Design Corporation makes sure that our gemstone creations are as beautiful as they are invaluable, and worthy of being worn by a worthy human being. Our designer gems begin another interesting and eventful life when we attach them to timeless pieces of jewellery. The extent of our love for gems is such that we tend to perfect them before they slip out of our nimble hands and onto a new and special pair of palms.

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