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The Moon and its Stars By Lustre

This collection by Lustre is a semblance to the moon and the stars with its unique cuts and vibrant colours bringing forth an entirely new genre of custom cut gems into the market.

The collection comprises citrine, which is the yellow version of a quartz, and gets its name from the Old French word for lemon. It is a naturally bright stone, famous for its decorative features which have been popular since ancient times. Citrines have a hardness level of 7, making it ideal for shaping and faceting into delicate and unique gem cutting styles.

The other stone utilized in this collection is the stunning amethyst which is a crystalline quartz ranging from pale lilac to a deep purple shade. This stone has a hardness of 7, making it facetable and flexible for use in creating ornaments. Amethysts get their name from the Greek word amethystos, which means to intoxicate, implying that the stone protects its wearer from drunkenness. This stone is also recognised as the all-purpose stone due to its versatility and ability to be shaped according to preference.

The stars are cut out and polished to display a multi-faceted beauty. The stones are taken through an initial phase where they are refined, before the grooving process, which shapes the stones into the stars that make up half of this beauty collection. The grooving is the most crucial aspect of shaping the stones into moons and stars as it requires a high level of skill in order to get the intricate shape, and equal sized gen cuts. The idea behind this cut is to produce something linked to aspirations and ambition. A memoir of goals and determination as achieving success if often conjoined with the notion of reaching the stars. Hence, this cut is destined to bring a wave of success and prosperity to its wearer, whilst cementing a symbol of encouragement and divine guidance.

The half-crescented scintillating moon carved from the purple amethyst is an ethereal ambassador of beauty. This cut too is produced after following a thorough grooving process which determines the shape of the moon. The design is then girdle polished for its radiant shine. This cut is designed to create something as divine as the subtle femininity of a goddess, coupled with the mystery of the alluring dark nature.

These two cuts in this collection by Lustre are proof of the trailblazing establishment which provides nothing but the best in the field, combined with creativity and unmatched innovation. This steadfast spirit makes Lustre the best in the business and paves the way to more unique aspects weaved into an age-old craft.

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