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Three Astrological Gemstones to Attract Luck

There are times when we all would wish that life presented us with more opportunities than locked doors. There are times when we would wish that we knew what decision to take. At such times, we would wish that we had someone or something to rely on; a good luck charm to have faith in. In the absence of a person who has all the faith in the world on you, a gem that is astrologically believed to present you with success will mean the world to you. Lustre Design Corporation wants you to succeed in every possible way. In this post, we will present to you three main gems that are astrologically believed to have special properties that could heal you in times of need and bring you more luck than you usually have. Our practice of custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka has given us much experience on the subject.

The very first gem that we want to tell you about is the Tiger’s Eye. Just as the “the fighter dancing through the fire” in Katy Perry’s words, the Tiger’s Eye is believed to give you the necessary confidence to overcome challenges that will inevitably bother you some time or other in your life. This gem is a stunning fire-colored stone that has stripes that are contrastingly darker. These stripes are meant to show you the path to wherever you want to go as would a guiding star. The fiery tinge will be the symbol of the confidence that you have within you that could be awakened through this good luck charm. At Lustre, we value this gem for both its beauty and properties.

The next astrologically lucky stone is Jade. We have all seen the recent hype about Jade rollers that are said to ease the muscles on your face and do away with blemishes. Most people even swear by these soothing light green tinged stones to erase the blemishes on their lives too. Professor A. Ayub in his book, World of Gems, says that jade was considered in China as a stone with supernatural healing properties. It is even said that if you are feeling psychologically in a bad position, Jade will bring you luck if you wear it on yourself or keep it close. The look of Jade is as soothing to the eye as it is to the touch.

If you are a lover of soft shades, you will love this next stone: Amethyst. Amethyst is also considered to be as lucky as either of the above two stones. However, the specialty of this stone is more surreal than the other two. Along with the ability to bring luck to the owner of the stone, Amethyst is believed to restore balance in your life and give your mind a vibe of relaxation. It was worn by ancient Greek and Roman people to bring luck on themselves, says Professor A. Ayub. It is meant to bring harmony upon any situation that is too difficult for you to handle all by yourself. We will always be thrilled to be part of your experience with a stone such as this.

There you have it. These are our three favorite astrologically powerful gemstones that are said to bring luck upon the wearer of them. Lustre Design Corporation will be happy to oblige if you desire to have any one of these, or even all of these, with you as a good luck charm.

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