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Top Five Most Popular Gem Cuts at LUSTRE

Trust us; we are LUSTRE. Looking through our portfolio, you will invariably realize that we have brought custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka to an ameliorated level. Our level of sophistication was attained with years of practice and perfection before our designer lines were launched. As we recently took a step back to admire where we have come to, we decided that it is time to arm you with the knowledge of the five most popular custom gem cuts here at Lustre Design Corporation, in case you find the decision-making process difficult, as most people tell us.

Some of our customers love the idea of symmetry in everything. We are expert at that. We like to give them palpable versions of what is in their mind. The Hotspot is one of the most popular gems of our Fire Collection. This was inspired by the idea of the most alluring, reddish part of a fire. This exclusive circular symmetrical custom gem cut is food for the senses. It is so satisfying to look at; even more so in person than in photos.

Others like absolutely sharp edges. To them, we present, as their potential favorite, our little sharp-edged Kite design. As you see, it is the typical shape of an average kite; but look at the sophisticated final touch! This is the classiest looking kite you shall probably ever see.

Some of our customers are traditional and precise; to them, the most traditional designs feel the finest to possess and wear. We present to you our traditional and beloved step cut. It is sure to stun you more in person, if you are a lover of traditions. Experience Lustre’s custom designer gem cuts and you will never want to go any further than us. We make the best of the most popular cuts.

To our customers who like the most singular and unique cuts we would present our stunning half-moons. Do not be mistaken; this is not a regular circular gem cut in half. We create these in order to creatively facet the natural form of the gem so that every part of the precious mineral can be saved. Everything that we do involves much thought and pinpointed care at each piece that we create.

Or rather, tell us, would you like a soft-shaded uniquely faceted beauty? We would then show you our Yellow Blossom. It is a magnificent cut in our Nature Collection, which required much hard work and dedication and ample amounts of well-spent time. We wish we could see the wonder in the face of a person who loves soft-shaded jewels when they see this masterpiece. Is that person you yourself?

Each of our custom gem cuts has a story that we would love to relate to you when you come to meet us. We would, most excitedly, love to see the expression on your face when you first set eyes on your favorite cut and think: “this is simply made for me!” Lustre Design Corporation, here in Sri Lanka, is eager to stun you with our sophisticated custom cut gems. Let us meet soon to discuss your favorite!

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