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Vindya Perera of Brilliant Cuts felicitated at the Sabaragamuwa Entrepreneur Awards

The Entrepreneurs Awards organized by the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Chamber of Commerce presented Ms Vindya Roshini Perera, the Managing Director of Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd, a leading re-exporter of gems in Sri Lanka, the Gold Award for the Woman Entrepreneur. The awards ceremony was held under the patronage of Minister Wimal Weerawansha on a grand scale.

Vindya Perera who took over the management of Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd which is renowned for its work in the gem re-export industry in Sri Lanka has within a short time period of three years, managed to outperform several leaders in the industry to make the company number one in the field. Their factory is located at the Kuruwita Paradise Industrial Zone in Ratnapura. Close to two hundred workers work in the Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd factory where the gems are cut and polished. Once that is done, they are re-exported.

Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd was started by Vindya Perera’s father, Rohitha Perera. Vindya Perera was educated in the schools; Princeton, Ratnapura, Lyceum International and Royal Institute Colombo and obtained her higher education from the Design University in Australia. At present she also holds the position of Managing Director at the Brilliant Cut Company which undertakes research into gem cutting and polishing and is also the General Manager of the Hilburn International College.

Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd mainly deal with customers from the United States of United States of America. By transcending traditional methods to produce modern designs with the use of technology, Beehive has been able to forge ahead in the industry to build a prominent name for itself in the Sri Lankan gem re-exporting industry both nationally and internationally.

Vindya Perera,Managing Director of Brilliant Cuts Pvt Ltd receiving the Presidential Award

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