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Yellow Sapphires

A scintillating stone, doused in the glamour of gold, flaunting sheer brilliance - yellow sapphires are the second most found sapphires in Sri Lanka. The stone ranges from a pale yellow to a deep golden shade, and its value of it is based on the purity, saturation and transparency of the stone itself.

This sun-kissed variety of sapphires is popularly found in the Indian and Sri Lankan markets, with bright yellow stones which are ideal to transform any piece of jewellery. The bright stone is used most often as the centrepiece, or in a crafted halo which casts a glow around the piece of jewellery making it a work of art.

There are multiple stones which are yellow in colour, such as Citrine, Amber or the Yellow Jade, but the distinction lies in the rich, natural golden hue which decorates a yellow sapphire making it shine like a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Another factor that sets this canary-coloured stone apart from others in its similarity, is its extreme importance in astrology, where yellow sapphires are known to bring professional success and marital bliss to the wearer. It is also famously believed to be the gemstone of the planet Jupiter containing its planetary energies in order to possess healing abilities for the wearer.

The stone is one of Lustre's favourites as we utilise the bright shades of yellow and transform them into brilliant cuts. The idea is to deliver a glimmer of brightness in the most unique and innovative way possible to enhance the beauty of the stone.

While most yellow sapphires are refined, there are some rare stones found in Sri Lanka mines which are vivid and lustrous, with little to no inclusions, and are valued at extremely high rates. With the exception of these naturally brilliant stones, most yellow sapphires undergo treatments which elevate the colour of the stone. The most common form of treatment applied is the beryllium heating process which adds depth to the natural yellow of the stone.

The most beautiful yellow sapphires are popularly found in the South Asian regions, while the ones sourced from Australia or Thailand have a greenish outlook to the stone.

At Lustre, we believe in maximising the usage of yellow sapphires, innovating unique cuts and styles that bring out the best in the stone. This doesn't just add value to the gemstone, but is an active effort of bringing out the best in the sapphire. Our team of skilled artisans treat the stone with precision, in order to ensure that the final product is an embodiment of graceful beauty.

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