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Why Choose Custom Gem Cutting?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Custom gem cutting in Sri Lanka makes a world of difference. Here’s why.

Dubbed as the Island of Gems, Sri Lankan gems are audaciously known for their high-quality, rarity and richness the world over. Touting its presence even in the Royal palace of the Great Britain, a Sri Lankan blue sapphire is now a proud family ring passed down from one generation to another.

When cutting and polishing a precious stone in a country that has a legacy in the industry, it is always wise to know what you’re getting into before they are cut. In this guide you will learn how gemstone value addition works, and what you should be after.

As a buyer, your preference dictates the gem-cutting market and largely determines how a gemstone is cut. You can either choose a custom-cut or a factory-cut design, but it is no secret that the value of a custom-cut gemstone is significantly higher.

Have you ever wondered what makes custom gem cutting so special? Or why even the same type of gemstones are valued differently based on how they are cut?

The answer is unassumingly simple; the gemstone cut is a deciding factor of gemstone value addition.

Gemologists grade gemstones based on 4Cs; Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. When the Cut changes, so does its value. The cuts follow a rating system as well, starting from Excellent to Very Good, Good, Fair, Acceptable and Lower than Acceptable.

Only a gemstone that undergoes the laborious and artistic custom gem cutting process receives an Excellent rating to the gem Cut. All other standardized commercial faceting methods fall short of the Excellent rating, hence accumulating a value lower than a custom cut.

Lapidaries that specialize in custom gem cutting services don’t mass cut the designs. Instead, they spend more time fine-tuning and perfecting every nuance of the precious stone. It will be in store only for them, with their own signature cutting look. Time is irrelevant for this craft, only perfection matters. In short, custom gem cutting breathes life into a stone with a touch of uniqueness that is both unique and forever.

Given the greater value added to a custom-cut gem, it naturally demands attention wherever is worn, whether it is on your finger, or around your neck – with a premium price to match. If quality, rarity and specialty are what you are after, a custom-cut design from a Sri Lankan lapidary such as Lustre Designs is where you should start your search.

At Lustre Designs, we believe that every gemstone has a story, and personality that’s waiting to be unearthed and cherished. By scrapping off the layers not meant to be there, we treat every precious stone with the utmost care it deserves. We help customers choose the right facet design and direct our efforts to bring out maximum value and beauty of every individual stone.

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